Mini Jars

Mini Jars

My very popular mini jars (45g approx) are great for a taster, to give yourself or guests a choice of flavours at dinner or a perfect sized portion if you're on your own.


£1 each or buy 10 and get an additional jar free.

They can be purchased individually or in gift packs.

Are you looking for something different for your wedding favours or are a company who wants to engage or impress your customers?

I can produce a variety of jam, jelly or chutney mini jars that can then be decorated and personalised with the message of your choice or you can use your own labels.

Full details and pictures can be found on the Wedding Favours page.

ALLERGEN INFORMATION:  Some of the chutneys contain Mustard or Celery.  Please check the listing on the main chutney page for those products or contact me for details.

Mini Jar Stock List (updated 14/12/17)

Red Chilli Pumpkin Chutney

Apple, Pear & Garlic Chutney

Indian Spiced Courgette Chutney

Plum, Apple & Raisin Chutney

Spiced Apple & Ginger Chutney

Gooseberry Chutney 

Spicy Green Tomato Chutney

Spicy Pumpkin Chutney

Leek Marmalade with Rosemary

Apple & Mint Relish

Apple & Sage Relish  SOLD OUT

Indian Spiced Cauliflower Chutney

Spicy Marrow Chutney

Apple & Chipotle Chilli Chutney

Beetroot Apple & Onion Chutney

Green Bean Chutney

Scotch Bonnet Tomato Chutney

Hot & Smoky Tomato Chutney

Mediterranean Tomato Chutney

Spicy Tomatillo Chutney

Spiced Plum Chutney

Redcurrant & Rosemary Chutney

Indian Five Spiced Carrot Chutney

Apple, Pear & Date Chutney

Summer Pudding Jam

Rhubarb Jam

Rhubarb & Elderflower Jam

Plum & Amaretto Jam

Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam

Raspberry & Redcurrant Jam

Quince Jam

Raspberry Jam with Prosecco

Gooseberry Jam

Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam  SOLD OUT

Chuckleberry Jam

Rhubarb Jam with Sweet Cicely

Raspberry Jam with Coconut Rum

Plum & Elderflower Jam

Plum Jam

Plum & Cinnamon Jam

Plum & Mulled Wine Jam

Plum Jam with Scented Geranium

Blackberry Jam with Whisky

Blackcurrant Jam with Sloe Gin

Plum Jam with Brandy

Raspberry Mint Julep Jam (with Bourbon)

Pear & Raspberry Jam with Ginger Wine

Greengage Jam

Quince Paste

Apple, Chilli, Ginger & Lime Jelly

Quince Jelly

Medlar Jelly

Quince Jelly with Scented Geranium

Medlar & Cinnamon Jelly

Gooseberry & Mint Jelly

Medlar & Juniper Jelly

Blackberry Jelly

Gooseberry & Strawberry Jelly

Wild Plum & Blackberry Jelly

Mini Jars for gifts & wedding favours