Sarah & Sarah's Feisty Flavours

Homemade & locally grown

Sarah trained as a Chartered Accountant and worked for nearly 20 years for a variety of large UK companies. She abandoned the rat race in 2008 and became self employed. 

After a number of years making preserves for friends and fundraising events from fruit and vegetables grown at home and on the allotment, she decided to set up a business operation and in January 2012 Sarah's Feisty Flavours was born.

In early 2013, Sarah moved to Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. All products are now made in her home kitchen there in small batches in open pans. 

She is fully insured and registered as a food business with Worcestershire County Council.

Sarah produces a wide range of jams, jellies and chutneys with the occasional sauce thrown in. She enjoys experimenting with ingredients and flavours so recipes from her collection of traditional recipe books sit alongside adaptations and interesting and sometimes speculative combinations.

Sarah believes very strongly in sourcing as many ingredients as possible from close to home and stopping good food going to waste. Read all about her sourcing process. Maybe you'd like to join the list of suppliers ? Get in touch.