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  1. 20150816_191316-1

    I entered a few of my preserves into the Worcester Show - all unbranded.  The judges seem to have liked them !  

    Chutney - 1st Prize for Red Chilli Pumpkin Chutney and 2nd Prize for Leek Marmalade with Rosemary

    Jelly - 1st Prize for Apple, Ginger, Chilli & Lime Jelly and 2nd Prize for Apple & Tarragon Jelly

    Jam - 2nd Prize for Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam and 3rd Prize for Summer Pudding Jam

    Not quite the Great Taste Awards but pleased to see that they seem to make the grade !

  2. Very excited to have been awarded a bursary to take the jars to the prestigious Ludlow Food Festival.  Geared towards small producers it will be a valuable insight into a major festival and a great opportunity to showcase my products.  I'll be in the Outer Bailey on Friday 11th September.  Thank you to the Festival Committee for giving me the opportunity.