My Ethos

What drives my business?

I am passionate about using local ingredients and avoiding food waste. Where I can, I use home grown, locally grown and locally foraged ingredients in my preserves and try and reuse and recycle as much as possible. My products reflect seasonal availability and they make the most of gluts, surpluses and unwanted crops. 

As the main ingredients are local - or British - I'm afraid you won't find Marmalade and Mango Chutney here and sometimes you will have to be patient and wait for the next harvest.

If local supplies run out or crops fail, then I will use some seasonal British vegetables and fruit sourced from a local wholesaler or traders in Birmingham Wholesale Markets - often being able to procure ingredients that would go to waste.

We don't grow lemons, limes or ginger in Bromsgrove, and I don't grow many chillies, so these ingredients are also purchased from the Birmingham Wholesale Market.

If you have a glut of home grown produce then please contact me. If suitable, I will exchange fruit and vegetables for products, a donation to charity or cash and I am quite happy to PYO.

I'm proud to use so many local ingredients and work hard to make the business as environmentally responsible as possible.