I recycle as much of my waste as possible. Peelings and vegetable remains are composted for my garden allotment with some delivered to friends with pigs & chickens.

Cardboard boxes are reused or put into recycling containers and used metal lids are put into metal recycling containers. 

I reuse my jars and will give a 10p discount on any purchase for my jars and sauce bottles that are returned for reuse - even the mini ones. 

All jars are given a new lid for their new lease of life and this reuse process has been approved by Birmingham and Worcestershire Environmental Health

Cardboard packaging is reused where possible and my packaging is "gleaned" from friends and locals, including the local "No Waste" shops (thank you Emily & Phillipa)


I have solar panels on the house so try and make as much use of these as possible for running the ovens and dishwasher.


My garden is wildlife friendly with many species of birds and the pond contains many frogs & newts. It has been been used as a release site by the local hedgehog rescue. I do not use any pesticides, slug pellets or non-organic fertilisers in producing any of my home grown ingredients.